Full-Service Economic Development

DOME KRB Limited is a full-service economic development company, with a wealth of project experience throughout Papua New Guinea, Australia, Asia, the United States and the Caribbean.

The firm specializes in technology development, project development, planning, financing, investment, marketing, project management and consultancy. Insights into DOME KRB's capabilities are outlined below:

Technology and Systems Development

DOME KRB is active in the development of new technologies including KUBE Technology™ which incorporates the world's first solar powered reverse-osmosis technology unit. We also specialize in the development of Management Information Systems for government and corporate clients. For more information on KUBE Technology™ please click here - Send us an email

Project Development

We specialize in providing a broad range of infrastructure development services across the multiple sectors including the resource, agricultural and national development sectors. We provide advice and recommendations on the development of resource and agricultural based industries, as well as the associated downstream processes involved.

Project Planning

DOME KRB provides expert advice on planning of future development for national, provincial and LLG government projects which fit the overall goals and strategies of the relevant government bodies.

Project Management and Consultancy

DOME KRB provides development management services across a wide variety of industry sectors including national, provincial and local level governments, aid and donor agencies, and private clients.

Project Financing and Investment

DOME KRB through its vast network of contacts, are able to source financing and expertise both domestically and overseas, particularly in Australia, Asia, and the United States. We specialize in a wide range of industry sectors including real estate, new technologies and the resources sector.


DOME KRB has partnered with Walker & Company, a marketing firm with 30 years international experience based in Los Angeles, USA, to create a marketing strategy for local townships, metropolitan areas, provinces and Papua New Guinea on a local and international platform

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