Lea Lea to access clean water soon


DOME KRB efforts were recently reported in a EM TV feature article on the Village of Lea Lea, a Village outside Port Moresby which will soon be able to have a clean water supply via our DOME KRB's KLEEN-WATER KUBE Technology™ these efforts have a potential of supporting five thousand villagers who currently pay for a water cart or walk for two hours to get water from another well. DOME KRB efforts are sponsored by the Ministry of Forest and Climate Change and supported by the National Research Institute. The Village of Lea Lea's implementation of DOME KRB's KLEEN-WATER KUBE Technology™ will reduce water related illness as well as alleviating the physical burdens put on women and children who currently fetch the water manually from long distances. (Video/Article: EM TV, Friday, 24 May 2013)

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