NRI gets pat

A VILLAGE councilor in the Central Province has praised the National Research Institute for providing the avenue for the community to find a new technology to be used on their customary land anticipated to solve most of their daily life burdens.

When receiving the National Research Institute (NRI) officers, reporters and a foreign inventor of a new technology the community is to benefit soon his village on Wednesday, Komio Morea, the Lealea village councilor thanked the NRI for taking the lead in the country's customary land reform and usage for development program.

He said that it was during NRI's hosting of land registration for development workshop last year that landowners heard of the technology when the, inventor, Dome KRB Ltd. presented a paper on how they would do business on customary land.

Councilor Morea said his village Is situated in a harsh environment surrounded by salt water and his people have struggled since time of their ancestors in obtaining fresh water for consumption. He said that people have to travel long distances to obtain water and even all these water sources are undrinkable.

"Currently each household have to pay water carts K350 to obtain fresh water and since it's expensive, people have no choice but scavenge on scarce undrinkable water sources resulting in school children missing out on learning in school. This is our lifestyle since the days of our ancestors," Mr. Morea said.

"But during the NRI hosted customary land workshop, the inventor presented a paper on the technology and that was when we realized that the technology empowered by solar was viable for us as it would convert salt or contaminated water into drinkable water and salt in any harsh and polluted environment. We knew from then that this was the answer to our pray."

He reiterated that all is history as NRI stepped between the landowners and the Dome KRB Ltd to enable the technology to benefit Lealea people with safe, fresh water and set facility in the village using offered customary land. (Article: Sunday Chronicle NRI gets pat, 2013) PDF download

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