DOME KRB Technology Purifies Ela Beach Salt Water

Who would've thought drinking clean purified salt water from Port Moresby's Ela Beach was possible? EM TV feature Published on Friday August 30, 2013DOME KRB Technology Purifies Ela Beach Salt Water Now it is, thanks to a machine called the Solar Kleen Kube that can filter and purify dirty, murky water into clean drinkable water graded above bottled water.

Papua New Guinea is the first country to utilize this world first revolutionary solar powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.

Designed by a PNG Based Company, DOME KRB KUBE Technology, the product was officially launched yesterday at Ela Beach in front of many amazed onlookers.

The Solar Kleen Kube may just be the answer for remote parts of PNG that have problems accessing clean, drinkable water.

One of those places is Lealea Village in the Central Province, which will be the first recipient of this ground breaking solar powered technology that purifies water through the process of Reverse Osmosis, or what the founding company DOME KRB Kube technology refers to as Reverse Osmosis.

Solar Powered, the Kube is able to produce up to 3000L of water a day, and 20, 000L when powered by electricity.

It's taken one year of solid research to develop a solar powered technology fit enough to purify the most unthinkable water sources into clean drinking water such as here at Ela Beach.

To showcase how the Kube will work once installed at Lea Lea Village, a demonstration took place at the official launching of the product at Ela Beach. Stunned onlookers could not believe the fresh water quenching their thirst was actually sourced from Ela Beach.

Impressed with the convenience of the machine, members of the public appealed to their members of parliament to consider introducing the Kube into their villages.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Forest and Climate Change at a cost of K140, 000 the Solar Kleen Kube was officially launched on behalf of Minister Patrick Pruaitch by Vari Badiro, Executive Director of the office of Climate Change. (Video: EM TV, Friday, 30 August 2013)

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