Customary Land Registration

Economic Development

Through the creation of our Village Model DOME KRB in conjunction with the National Research Institute (NRI) in Papua New Guinea, have been endorsed as the first company to undertake the registration of customary land under the recent amendments to the Land Groups Incorporation (Amendment) Act 2009 and Land Registration (Customary Land) (Amendment) Act 2009. The aim of our Village Model was to not only provide basic services and infrastructure for rural villagers, but to form a leasehold structure whereby landowners maintained ownership of their land and can use their land as equity and income for economic development.

Land Suitable for Development

This process involves identification of customary landowner groups, registration of their Incorporated Landowner Group (ILG) and associated Companies, survey of land to determine undisputed land suitable for development, and final registration of customary land for development. We also provide advice and assistance to ILG's in regards to zoning, horizontal development (roads, water and sewer), land lease structure agreements/mediation and conceptual design suited to the topography of the land.

For further information on the National Research Institute and DOME KRB's involvement, please click the following link:

National Land Development Conference

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