Local and International Marketing

DOME KRB has partnered with Walker & Company, a marketing firm with 30 years international experience based in Los Angeles, USA, to create a marketing strategy for local townships, metropolitan areas, provinces and Papua New Guinea on a local and international platform

They are brand advertising, digital and direct marketing experts with a proven track record of success in developing world class online/offline marketing and creative campaigns in all areas of B2C and B2B advertising media.

Services include: Brand Television, Direct Response TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Print, Outdoor, Transit, Packaging, Marketing Communications, Sales Support Collateral, Social and Mobile Media, Websites, Banners, Email, Digital Video, and online User Experience and Interface Design.

As part of Marketing Strategy they also provide Consumer Research, Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy, Creative Direction, Sonic Branding, Copywriting, Art & Design, and data-driven creative integration of all media channels online/offline.

For more information about our partner Walker and Company please click the following link – Walker & Company, Inc.

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