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DOME KRB Technology Purifies Ela Beach Salt Water

Who would've thought drinking clean purified salt water from Port Moresby's Ela Beach was possible? EM TV feature Published on Friday August 30, 2013 Now it is, thanks to a machine called the Solar Kleen Kube that can filter and purify dirty, murky water into clean drinkable water graded above bottled water.

Papua New Guinea is the first country to utilize this world first revolutionary solar powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.

Designed by a PNG Based Company, DOME KRB KUBE Technology, the product was officially launched yesterday at Ela Beach in front of many amazed onlookers.

The Solar Kleen Kube may just be the answer for remote parts of PNG that have problems accessing clean, drinkable water.

One of those places is Lealea Village in the Central Province, which will be the first recipient of this ground breaking solar powered technology that purifies water through the process of Reverse Osmosis, or what the founding company DOME KRB Kube technology refers to as Reverse Osmosis.

Solar Powered, the Kube is able to produce up to 3000L of water a day, and 20, 000L when powered by electricity.

It's taken one year of solid research to develop a solar powered technology fit enough to purify the most unthinkable water sources into clean drinking water such as here at Ela Beach.

To showcase how the Kube will work once installed at Lea Lea Village, a demonstration took place at the official launching of the product at Ela Beach. Stunned onlookers could not believe the fresh water quenching their thirst was actually sourced from Ela Beach.

Impressed with the convenience of the machine, members of the public appealed to their members of parliament to consider introducing the Kube into their villages.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Forest and Climate Change at a cost of K140, 000 the Solar Kleen Kube was officially launched on behalf of Minister Patrick Pruaitch by Vari Badiro, Executive Director of the office of Climate Change. (Video: EM TV, Friday, 30 August 2013)

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DOME KRB Interview Starts at Minute 16 EM TV Feature Documentary Video Published on Jun 20, 2013 KRB Dome Technology is changing the lives of Papua New Guineans by giving them access to clean water, a necessity that is almost non-existent in most rural villages in PNG – we visit the LNG villages of Papa and Lea lea that are incorporating the Dome KRB technology.(Video/Documentary: EM TV, Tuesday, 25 June 2013)

Lea Lea to access clean water soon

DOME KRB efforts were recently reported in a EM TV feature article on the Village of Lea Lea, a Village outside Port Moresby which will soon be able to have a clean water supply via our DOME KRB's KLEEN-WATER KUBE Technology™ these efforts have a potential of supporting five thousand villagers who currently pay for a water cart or walk for two hours to get water from another well. DOME KRB efforts are sponsored by the Ministry of Forest and Climate Change and supported by the National Research Institute. The Village of Lea Lea's implementation of DOME KRB's KLEEN-WATER KUBE Technology™ will reduce water related illness as well as alleviating the physical burdens put on women and children who currently fetch the water manually from long distances. (Video/Article: EM TV, Friday, 24 May 2013)

NRI gets pat

A VILLAGE councilor in the Central Province has praised the National Research Institute for providing the avenue for the community to find a new technology to be used on their customary land anticipated to solve most of their daily life burdens.

When receiving the National Research Institute (NRI) officers, reporters and a foreign inventor of a new technology the community is to benefit soon his village on Wednesday, Komio Morea, the Lealea village councilor thanked the NRI for taking the lead in the country's customary land reform and usage for development program.

He said that it was during NRI's hosting of land registration for development workshop last year that landowners heard of the technology when the, inventor, Dome KRB Ltd. presented a paper on how they would do business on customary land.

Councilor Morea said his village Is situated in a harsh environment surrounded by salt water and his people have struggled since time of their ancestors in obtaining fresh water for consumption. He said that people have to travel long distances to obtain water and even all these water sources are undrinkable.

"Currently each household have to pay water carts K350 to obtain fresh water and since it's expensive, people have no choice but scavenge on scarce undrinkable water sources resulting in school children missing out on learning in school. This is our lifestyle since the days of our ancestors," Mr. Morea said.

"But during the NRI hosted customary land workshop, the inventor presented a paper on the technology and that was when we realized that the technology empowered by solar was viable for us as it would convert salt or contaminated water into drinkable water and salt in any harsh and polluted environment. We knew from then that this was the answer to our pray."

He reiterated that all is history as NRI stepped between the landowners and the Dome KRB Ltd to enable the technology to benefit Lealea people with safe, fresh water and set facility in the village using offered customary land. (Article: Sunday Chronicle NRI gets pat, 2013) PDF download

Central village embraces new technology

LEALEA village in the Central Province becomes the first community in the country to benefit from a newly invented technology that has never been tried and used anywhere in the world.

This week, the Dome KRB Ltd, a foreign investor, inventor of the 'Kube' Technology chose Lealea village to benefit from the technology in collaboration with the National Research Institute (NRI) who bridged the company to present the technology to the local community.

On Wednesday, the Dome KRB Ltd took reporters on tour of the project site in Lealea village and had press conference with the company officials about the technology and its potential in sustaining human life.

The company Director, Greg Cooper said that he is bringing the technology to PNG after personal encounter with the hardship the community faced for so many years in obtaining clean and safe water for consumption.

In his first visit to Lealea some time back, he was moved when seeing small girls as young as six who were supposed to be in school, fetching and carrying water from undrinkable water sources like a main village well about 8 meters deep. The village is located in a harsh environment and excess to safe and clean water is a major burden.

"Coming from a western society, this scenario touched me so much and had to return to America and find a most appropriate solution to remedy these people's water burden and here my company has this technology to offer the people. This technology is the first to be used here in PNG and never used anywhere in the world," said Cooper.

"The solution we offer is solar powered 'Kube' technology which provides electricity, clean water, food and medical storage in most harsh, emergency stricken and polluted areas of the world as in many parts of PNG including the harsh Lealea environment which is almost dry all year round."

He highlighted that about 3.4 million people die annually from water borne diseases and diarrhea is the second leading cause of death among children under five and around 1.5 million deaths each year, nearly one in five are caused by diarrhea that kills more children than malaria, AIDS and measles but emphasized that the Kube Technology will eliminate these serious health issues.

The technology when installed will use four types of portable 'Kubes' (square shaped box) empowered by solar to enable electricity (Power Kube), convert salt and contaminated water into 2600-3420 litres of fresh water per day (KleenWater Kube) , provides cool storage for preservation of food (Kool Kube) , medication and vaccines (Klinic Kube).

Cooper thanked NRI for providing the opportunity to market the technology through NRI's customary land registration and usage for development program that linked the company with the Lealea landowners to offer land to establish the project.

He also thanked Patrick Pruaitch, Boka Kondra and other proactive PNG politicians for financially backing the technology and the next beneficiaries will be the contaminated Fly River basin communities.

The Lealea project will be officially launched by the Prime Minister in July.

For more information. call Dome KRB Ltd on 70227926.

(Article: Author TBD Central village embraces new technology, 2013) PDF download

DOME KRB participates in Gibobada Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking for new churchGibobada, PNG--(Press Release – May 17, 2013) - DOME KRB Limited participated and donated to the ground breaking ceremony for a new church in the Village of Gibobada PNG. The event provided a featured cultural dance ceremony and village picnic celebration. "DOME KRB helping build PNG through responsible social development."

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SOLAR KLEEN WATERLea Lea Village, PNG--(Press Release – April 15, 2013) - DOME KRB Limited will be unveiling in June, 2013 our first KLEEN-WATER KUBE™ at Lea Lea Village outside of Port Moresby. This is world's first KUBE Technology™ delivering fresh clean drinking water from salt water to a village for the first time in the 400 year history. "DOME KRB helping Build PNG responsibly."

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