Village Model

Village Model Concept

Aligning with the new legislation regarding the registration of customary land in Papua New Guinea, DOME KRB has developed our Village Model concept. Conference The Village Model concept was designed to provide necessary infrastructure to the most remote areas of Papua New Guinea including a school, hospital/aid station, agriculture produce gardens, and the application of a Management Information System for recording demographics associated with education, child mortality and disease.

Papua New Guinea's 2050 Vision

The model is designed to cater to the needs and goals of multiple government department and stakeholders, plus helping to achieve Papua New Guinea's 2050 Vision. Basic infrastructure including purified water, medical storage,Fish Market food storage and basic power supply can be provided through the implementation of KUBE Technology™, DOME KRB's patented solar technology. In addition to providing basic infrastructure to remote, rural villages, the Village Model concept also helps combat the negative effects of urbanization and squatter settlements in Papua New Guinea's major cities.

Again DOME KRB has partnered with the National Research Institute (NRI) in implementing this innovative concept

Please click the following link for more information on the Village Model concept – Village Model

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